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Garage door motors are simply garage door openers that keep you away from the hectic task of opening the door yourself. These openers are automatic and the motor helps to open and close your garage door whenever needed. So you don’t have to take the pain of getting in and out of your car several times during parking your car. Garage door motors are a very quick and an easy method for accessing your garbage area with comfort and not wasting your precious time. Hence, it is advisable to take advantage of a garage door motor.

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Types of garage door motors

There are various types of garage door motors, but there are these three types that are most popularly and conveniently used:

Chain drive garage door motor: A chain drive garage door motor is something that makes use of a metal chain for driving the trolley and getting the door lifted or closed. They are economically cheap choices but make a lot of noise.

Belt drive garage door motor: The belt drive garage door motor is a little expensive as compared to a chain drive garage door motor but has lower maintenance cost as it makes use of very few parts. It works similarly like a chain drive garage door motor but the only difference is that it makes use of a belt rather than using a chain; which ultimately leads to no noises.

Screw drive garage door motor: The screw drive garage door motor has all the features of a belt drive garage door motor expect the fact that it makes use of a threaded rod featured with steel as the main material.

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Safety features of a garage door motor

It is very important that a garage door motor is up to the standard safety mark. It compulsorily should have safety features that will help to protect everything that goes across the door’s way. Also, it should have safety sensors that help you in your protection. The safety sensors are an absolute requirement for every garage door motor. There are two sensors placed on either side of the garage door which senses anything that crosses the way of the door. It helps to protect you from any sudden intrusion and avoids anyone or anything from getting crashed.

Troubleshooting of the safety sensors and the garage door motor

Troubleshooting of the safety sensors and the motor is very important and you should know the basics of it. A very easy way of testing the sensors is by placing a piece of wood on the door and closing the door. If the safety sensors are working, the doors won’t be closed and it will get reversed. Also, there could be a problem in the motor. These problems can be easily identified in case your remote isn’t working or the motor isn’t responding with the remote. These problems can be sometimes solved on our own and sometimes needs technicians.

Why are commercial garage door motors different and what has to be kept in mind while purchasing them?

Commercial garage doors are the ones that tend to be opened and closed several times in a day. They are used for thousands of times in a year and hence the motors installed in them should be capable enough to take the load. One should remember that it is better to invest beforehand to have a good motor installed rather than later paying additional costs for its maintenance.