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When you don’t have someone service your garage door at least once in six months, problems are bound to crop up. Anyone who hasn’t had their garage door serviced have encountered various problems, such as a broken spring. This is an issue that can be dealt with quickly, but homeowners often ignore such malfunctions only for it snowball into a larger problem. Getting your garage door repaired on time is wiser than having it completely replaced a little later. This is why we recommend people to call our garage door service company in Brooklyn NY.

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We have been in the garage door business for well over a decade now and specialize in all kinds of repairs. From replacing extension springs to fixing torsion springs – our technicians have done it all before. Our priority is to service your garage door quickly and efficiently. That’s possible because we advocate some of the best practices in the industry. Here are some of our popular services:

Torsion Spring Servicing

If you have gotten overhead garage doors installed, they are most likely equipped with a torsion spring system. This system makes it easy for the user to open even some of the heaviest doors with utmost ease. If you are thinking about installing a new spring system or replacing your existing system, it would be a good idea to call us for the job. Trying to install the system by yourself is risky – this is not a DIY home project. Our experts have the right tools to properly install and verify the working of your garage door spring system. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your garage door is receiving the best care possible.
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Extension Spring Servicing

If your door does not have a torsion spring system, it probably has another equally popular mechanism known as the extension spring system. The easiest way to identify this is to notice the area above each track. These areas will be covered by extension springs. Calling a professional to have them checked out makes sense as most garage doors with extension springs need safety cables installed. This can only be accomplished by a trained and experienced technician who knows his job well.

For the record, safety cables are important to stop the springs from breaking and causing the attached rings to fly. There have been cases of these rings snapping and damaging windshields and other expensive equipment.

What Do I Do If I Need to Get Garage Door Springs Installed or Replaced?

In either of these cases, there’s only one thing you have to do – call a garage door company in Brooklyn. Call us now! All you need to do is give us your address, and we will dispatch our expert team to your location right away! Once our team analyses your garage door, they will use the most effective method to repair issues with your spring system. Who knows if you have bigger problems? We’ll bring them to your attention too. Don’t wait for your garage door to snap and become irreparable, have us service the issues before it’s too late!