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In New York, the usage of roll-up doors and automatic gates is evident and widespread. The fact that they are mechanical means that they are always prone to mild or severe damage. There are many companies that offer the much-needed roll up door service. In this article, you will learn what we precisely do, why we are the best and why you should hire our roll-up door service and more.

Why us?

We have a very reliable team of sufficiently trained experts who never disappoint. They have vast experience in this type of work, and they always leave you satisfied.

Once you make your call and present your case, we immediately assign and dispatch technicians who arrive at your address in no time. We always ensure that we solve your problems on the same day you call us.

Our charges are always cheap, reasonable, affordable and unbelievable. We never overcharge our clients unnecessarily.

Truck with roll up door during roll up door service in NYC
We are always available around the clock. You can contact us anytime regardless of whether day or night and we will respond to your worries.

The Common Problems We Solve

Overhead door repair

Despite the fact that they are reliable doors to use in shops and garages, they get damaged quite often. Some of the basic problems with the overhead doors include:

  • Roll door getting out of tracks
  • Bending of some parts due to excess pressure
  • Spring breakages among others

ii. Automatic gate repair

Automatic gates are an amazing luxury that people love as they do not require physical handling. However, they are not left out when it comes to the need for repair. Some of the problems associated with these gates include:

  • Failure of the motor
  • Power problems
  • Problems with the hinges
  • Screeching sounds and inability to fully open among others

What else do we repair?

There is a wide range of roll doors and gating systems being used in New York. Our incredible technicians can repair essentially all the types and models. Besides roll doors and automatic gates, we also repair the following:

· Normal doors

· Electric doors

· Security doors

· Steel garage doors among others.

· We also do installations of roll-up doors and gates.

Tip to remember

While it is normal for roll doors to get stuck, people actually stress them and intensify the problem. Once stuck, they stress and try to force the doors, thereby causing more damage or even harm to themselves. Once you notice a slight problem or malfunction with your door, you should refrain from using it and immediately give us a call. Our quick response team is always alert and ready to embark on your case. In the long run, you end up saving more time and money.

Evidently, we are your ultimate solution. Contact us for the roll-up door service, automatic gate repair, overhead door repair and all other pertinent issues. We will always be there for you.