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At rolling gates repair in New York, we deal with the roll up, sliding and rolling gates. If you have any other kind of gate, do not worry. We can fix it. We exist to make sure you get the best services.

We repair our clients’ stuck and broken gates. Better yet, if you need a qualified firm in New York to install a gate on your property, we are the people to contact.

We attend to both residential and commercial gates. Our experienced professionals help you solve whatever is going on with yours.

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The gate repair services we offer include

Emergency Roll up Gates Repair

We understand that life has unexpected events. You cannot predict fault on your gate. That is why we operate 24/7. In a case of any emergencies, we are at your service. It does not matter the time of an incident. We do not want you to be late for work or be stuck at home just because of a faulty gate.

Out of Track Rolling Gate Repair

One of the things to expect when you install a roll up the gate on your property is it going out of track. You need to prepare for such a scenario by having our contacts. Call us anytime and let us attend to your needs. Do not wait until your gate is stuck to start looking for rolling gates repair services in New York.

Why would a roll up gate go out of it’s tracks?

It could be due to mechanical technicalities, external damage or simply anything that would destroy it. Whichever the reason, do not try to repair the gate. You may make the problem worse, hurt yourself or destroy other things near the gate. You had better call professionals to fix it. Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates will always be ready to keep you and your property safe.

Depending on the damage, the gate may need a simple repair or more service such as welding and roll up garage door replacement. Even if you have skills in welding and moving parts of machines, let the gate be. It will not hurt to spend some money on repair instead of risking your life.

Remember roll up gates is heavy. Imagine it falling on your toes. You will stay in the hospital and spend a good deal of money.

Disadvantages of trying to fix your roll up gate

  • It leads to frustration: considering the weight and structure of this kind of gate, it is a complex thing to tackle. You will end up being frustrated for no good reason.
  • Waste of money: when you cause more damage to the gate by trying to repair it, you are only extending the damage, which could mean paying more for repair services
  • You lose time: instead of wasting your efforts trying to fix the gate and accomplishing nothing, why not call experts at Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates. They will save you time ensuring your life goes on uninterrupted
  • Deaths and injuries: you never know what a faulty gate can do until it is too late. For the sake of your life and those around you, let the gate be and call repair services