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A lot of store owners and business were affected by the city council’s bill regarding the storefront security grills which was passed in 2009.

“Council members said the bill, which passed 45 to 0, was intended to deter vandals from spraying graffiti on flat-surface gates, to help beautify neighborhoods and to give police officers and firefighters the ability to look inside in an emergency. The ban applies to numerous businesses, including banks, barber shops, beauty salons, health clinics, dry cleaners, dental offices and retail stores.”
“All businesses affected have until July 1, 2026, to install security gates that allow at least 70 percent of the area they cover to be visible. Any gates installed after July 1, 2011, must comply with the new requirements.”

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If you are a store owner that have been affected by the Bill you can contact our representatives and we will help make your transition smooth and quick as possible.

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